Intellectual Property


Our background searches and feasibility studies are done through the firm’s own and updated system of searches by phonemes, by words and by identity. This unique system makes a quick and dynamic analysis of the possibilities of success of the selected distinctive trademarks and trade names.

We adapt international trademark applications for correct compliance for submitting them to the National Patent and Trademark´s office in Argentina and we achieve the same results throughout the world by working with expert partners.
We provide custody and safekeeping of the application process by providing answers to requests from any opposing party, the withdrawal of opposing arguments, and final obtainment of the trademark deed.
The custody and safekeeping of the trademark throughout the complete and effective duration of the trademark and of any new third party applications.
We file oppositions and litigate.
Our legal audits -due diligence- warrant that there will be no unpleasant surprises in the future thus minimizing potential legal expenses.
We have expert knowledge and experience in Court actions and claims for any kind of offenses.

Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Models and Designs

Feasibility study and exam of the possibility of registering products and procedures, registration and records of utility models and deposits of industrial models and designs.

We adapt international documentation for presentations and filings to the Argentine Patent and Trademark Office.

Management, oversight and collection as well as payment of annual governmental fees and tariffs.

Court actions and claims for possible offenses and claims.


Filing and adaptation of applications for registration and deposits before the National Copyright Board of scientific and literary works, works of art and software.

Registration of editing contracts, translations, assignments and other related contracts. All issues related to certified public translations as required.

Court actions and claims for offenses and claims. Counterclaims where deemed appropriate